"We are a family run business that takes special pride in knowing that we have provided you up to date education and travel healthcare."

We are a Family Run Business


According to the World Health Organization, “The two public health interventions that have had the greatest impact on the world’s health are clean water and vaccine.”

Many life threatening diseases that are common in foreign travel have either been eradicated or are not found in our country. As a consequence, in order to protect your health safety during your trip overseas, it is imperative to obtain travel healthcare by being properly immunized. By following our country’s guidelines in obtaining the recommended vaccinations for your area of travel, you have taken a major step in maintaining and protecting your future health.

In addition to receiving the required immunizations for international travel and being immunized against vaccine preventable diseases, in some areas of the world, oral anti-malarial medication is also recommended to decrease the risk of contacting malaria. Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease, transmitted by certain types of mosquitoes that are commonly found in various areas around the world. If you are traveling to malaria endemic areas, our trained, dedicated staff are available to help you choose the most appropriate anti-malarial medication for your trip.

World Travel Health is not a large, service chain provider with fancy bells and whistles. We are a family run business that takes special pride in knowing that we have provided you with up to date education and travel healthcare. It is our constant goal to provide you with the highest level of quality travel healthcare available at the most reasonable pricing, so that you stay healthy during your trip abroad.